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This is your opportunity to join our suppliers at our new concept lifestyle store in Chester. As manufacturers ourselves we understand the hurdles small companies have on finding their place in the UK market and on the high street. Not everyone buys unseen products online so this is a perfect way to showcase your products in-store and increase sales.

Thrive is a lifestyle brand consisting of a foodhall, a streetfood-style brasserie, homewares, beauty and independent artisan brands. It is all about 'Good Living at Accessible Prices' – we want more sustainable products, artisans, independents and less plastics with less waste.

Brand alliances are really important to us as are the brand mix we have in-store. Complimentary products which fit in with the ethos of the store are crucial to building a consistent brand in the world of modern retail.

We offer a great partnership with a number of supplying options to suit your business:

1. Rent space - flat rent, from a shelf to 2000sq ft*, manned or unmanned

2. Concession - manned or unmanned with a 65:35 split. From shelf space for smaller suppliers to 2000sq ft* for big displays.

3. Drop shipping online

4. 'Come and Go room' as events

5. Through The Butlers Market – we are organising in-store artisan markets where you can showcase and sell your products at a flat day-rate of £35 at weekends and £20 reduced rate Monday-Friday.

*Phone us to discuss larger areas above 2000sq ft

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